Study Skills

Study Skills is a web site produced by Learning Teaching Scotland aimed at classroom teachers to help them develop these critical skills in learners.
Ages 5-9
Learn how to remember things, find information from what you read, and how to write about different things.
Ages 10-14
Find out how to get the most from lessons, make good notes, and prepare for exams.
Ages 15-18
Learn how to make the most of lectures, revise for exams, and find out more about different styles and strategies for learning.

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Science Lessons on Teacher’s TV

This series offers a range of practical and theory-based lesson ideas for science teachers of at both primary and secondary level.

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Free Images for Scottish Schools

These images are free to download for educational use – whether you are a teacher making worksheets or getting ideas to spark creative writing, or a pupil who needs pictures for a presentation or website.

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The Chewonthis website is designed for independent use by secondary school students aged 11-14.The website will also be useful to anyone who is interested in how our food is produced and its effect on our health and the environment.

The website is produced by The Food Commission Research Charity, a non government organisation that is totally independent of the food industry.

As we encourage children, young people and parents to think more about their food choices through our School Nutrition Action groups and across the curriculum we also ask people to consider making ethical food choices and try to think about how ‘honest’ food labelling.

This website provides sessions that can be used in the classroom or as a SNAG group activity in Secondary schools but it might also be appropriate for upper primary.

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Assessment is for Learning newsletter

Assessment is for Learning newsletter
The summer 2007 edition of the Assessment is for Learning newsletter (AifL) is now available for download in PDF from the AifL website. In this edition there is a review the learning journey travelled by many Scottish schools aiming to be AifL schools by 2007.

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Scottish Learning Festival Newsletter

For those going to the Scottish Learning Festival in Glasgow on the September 19th and 20th of September the latest newsletter, the Delegate, is now online.

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Scottish Parliament’s Education Service

The Parliament’s Education Service runs a programme of seminars for teachers in Scotland. The seminars provide opportunities to explore themes relevant to various curriculum areas including Citizenship and Modern Studies. The next event, for primary teachers, takes place on 19 September. Phone 0131 348 5401 for further information. The service also offers a popular visits programme for school groups. Education visits for January – March 2008 can be booked from Monday 3 September.

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Online Tutorials

The place for help when you stuck with ICT. This useful web site was created by Andrew Brown from Argyll and Bute Council and LTS. It contains a series of online flash video tutorials that cover using Adobe Captivate, Adobe Breeze presenter and Powepoint in the classroom.

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