New Learning about Learning website

Our knowledge about learning is continually changing and there is a range of emerging insights, theories and practice on how we learn. This new Learning about Learning website offers practitioners a comprehensive overview of all the latest thinking about learning from around the world and complements the Journey to Excellence resource by developing knowledge and skills that can be taken into the classroom.


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Online Climate Change Resource

This new online Climate Change resource aims to inform senior pupils (S5-S6) and staff about the science and impacts of global warming and encourage debate about climate change and the dilemmas and challenges that it presents. The website provides a great deal of Scottish data and information. It also includes numerous free images for use in Scottish schools.

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New Tobacco Law website

From 1 October 2007, it will be illegal to sell tobacco to anyone under 18. This is a change from the current age of 16. As you can imagine, this will have serious implications for some of the young people we work with in our school communities.

In order to raise awareness of this important change in the law, efforts are being made to ensure all professionals and retailers know about where to access information.

Figures show that most addicted adult smokers began smoking as teenagers. The law has been changed to help prevent people from starting in the first place, so that they can avoid the serious health dangers of smoking – it’s addictive, causing serious harm and can have a dramatic effect on appearance and attractiveness.

This website has just been launched today and contains helpful information and guidance for young people, professionals and retailers. In Highland there is a great deal of support anyone to stop smoking in the form of a Highland Smoking Cessation Service, details can be found on the Highland NHS website

( From Louise Thomas Health Promoting Schools Manager )

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Journey to Excellence launched

Journey to Excellence web site launched
Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) and Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) have together developed part 5 of The Journey to Excellence, which is intended to make an important contribution to raising standards in Scottish education. The whole Journey to Excellence resource is firmly focused on improving learning to help schools make the step change from being ‘good’ to being ‘great’. The five components of the programme have been developed over the past three years and part 5 is a powerful digital resource that features what will be a growing library of examples of good practice from a range of schools and centres. It features the voices of children, staff and senior leaders; people who work in partnership with them; and successful Scots and educationists.

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Healthy Highland Week

Louise Thomas the Health Promoting Schools Manager for Highland has asked me to give you advance notice of a new Healthy Highland Week. Information will be circulated to schools next week. See this Healthy Highland web site for information.
You will also find the following web sites useful in the lead up to the Healthy Highland Week. Highland’s Children.
Healthy living page of the Highland Council web site. The national website for Health Promoting Schools.
You can also keep up with the work of Louise and her team at her own web site

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Curriculum for Excellence newsletter online

The latest Curriculum for Excellence newsletter (number 6) has now been published and includes a ministerial foreword by Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning. A PDF version of the newsletter is now available to view or download from the Curriculum for Excellence website.

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Launch of ‘Talk Money, Talk Solutions’ resource pack

This eagerly awaited primary school resource, developed by Learning and Teaching Scotland in partnership with the Clydesdale Bank, is being launched on Wednesday 12 September.

Attitudes to money develop early in people’s lives and this resource has been designed to give teachers in primary schools a means to engage children in real life situations which allow them to gain insight into the management of money.

The development of skills in numeracy and problem solving are core to Scottish education and this resource uses these skills throughout.

St Ambrose Primary School, Glasgow, has been heavily involved in the trial of the activities and has been chosen as the venue for the launch.

The resource will be available to schools at Financial Education CPD events or on request.

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Debating in Schools

This new online resource aims to encourage all young people and teachers to engage actively with debating.

Debating in Schools will help teachers to use speech and debate techniques in the classroom, set up debating societies and get young people involved in competitive debating.

There are practical exercises, step-by-step guides and exemplars, all accompanied by expert advice. The website also highlights Scotland’s world-class record in debating and the achievements of our young people.

Debate captures the spirit of Curriculum for Excellence and can play a significant part in a schools’ citizenship and Determined To Succeed activities. It is a unique way of promoting critical thinking, communication, research and enquiry skills.

Debating in Schools was produced as a collaboration between the English-Speaking Union Scotland and Learning and Teaching Scotland.

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Europa Youth

A competition has been launched on the Europa Youth website to design a poster on the theme of ‘Together Against Discrimination’.

Children and young people aged 12-14 and 15-18 are invited to create a poster illustrating the idea of non-discrimination throughout the European Union.

There will be national pre-selections and an award ceremony in each Member State on 20 November, the ‘International Day of the Rights of the Child’. Then the three winning teams of each age group will be invited to come to Brussels from 15 to 17 December to meet Franco Frattini (Vice-President of the European Commission), take part in a European award ceremony and visit the European Institutions and Brussels city.

Further information and the submission form can be found on the Europa Youth website.

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Screenonline is the definitive guide to British Film and Televison in the UK, with over 300 hours of media clips. It also provides resources to support the curriculum across a range of subjects. The Screenonline education zone has been growing since February – filling up with lesson ideas, starters, plenaries, downloadable resources and teaching tips – with the aim of supporting a range of different subject teachers in using films and extracts in class.
Please note this web site can only be accessed from curriculum computers within schools. The license does not allow access from home.

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