Early Years Good Practice Conference Report


This is the third in a series of Early Years Good Practice conferences provided by HMIE. The purpose of these is to support early years practioners from pre-school and the early years of primary school to share ideas and learn from one another about the practical aspects of managing the continuity of children’s learning from pre-school provision into primary school. Staff from primary schools, nurseries and education authorities have delivered seminars at each conference. They have provided delegates with first hand information about good teaching practice.

The report can be found here


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Did your ancestors fight at Culloden?

A competition, launched to celebrate the opening of the new £9 million visitor centre at Culloden, hopes to find children and young people whose ancestors fought at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

The National Trust for Scotland’s competition, ‘Search for Culloden’s Legacy’, aims to raise awareness of the importance of the Battle of Culloden and its impact on Scottish, English and world history. The competition challenges under-18s to trace their family tree in the hope of identifying one or more ancestors who fought on either side at Culloden. Some may even find family members who fought on opposite sides in the battle. The Trust’s Culloden project co-ordinator Alexander Bennett explains: ‘The myth that Culloden was a conflict between England and Scotland is still around today. In fact, many Scots fought with the Government troops and some families had members who fought on opposing sides, often against their will.’
Competition winners, one from each side of the conflict, will help to open the new visitor centre at Culloden on Wednesday 16 April 2008, the anniversary of the battle. The closing date for entries is Wednesday 19 March.

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Which Way Now?

Careers Scotland has published ‘Which Way Now? 2008‘ to help young people in S1/S2 decide which subjects to choose to study over the next two/three years.

The guide includes information about Standard Grades and other National Qualifications, as well as an easy-to-use Subject File which offers basic information about a huge range of subjects.
It also has some suggestions about career planning and information on the world of work. There are also action points, exercises and quizzes to get young people thinking about their subject options, as well as details of where to go to get further help and advice.

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Film Street

Film Street is a free, interactive website designed to bring filmmaking to children under 12, their parents and teachers. Film Street aims to introduce children to a wider range of film and inspire them to make their own films, in a fun and creative way.

Film Street is packed with interactive activities, movie-making ideas and expert advice. Through visits to locations like the Film Studio and the Costume Shop, children can explore the site to learn how to make a film. There is also a section for Teachers with advice about how they can bring film education and filmmaking into their classrooms.

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