BBC Guidelines


The BBC has published guidelines for copying and use of website materials by teachers, pupils and parents

The BBC’s Schools Website contains learning materials for use inside and outside the classroom. These Guidelines are designed to help teachers, pupils and parents in the UK make maximum use of the Schools Website, while still observing the BBC Terms of Use.

The guidelines also identify a limited number of materials on the Schools Website which are available for teachers to print out and make multiple copies of for use in the classroom. These are materials for which the BBC has been able to obtain all the necessary copyright permissions, and over time we may be able to add more materials to the list.


what can be downloaded and printed from the Schools Website;

how teachers can identify specified special materials on the Schools Website which they can print and make multiple copies of for use in the classroom;

the ways in which teachers, pupils and parents can use Schools Website material;

specific restrictions on use of material from the Schools Website;

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Free interactive maths resources

The Ministry of Education in Singapore have created some fantastic interactive maths games for you to download for free.

They are zipped files. Once downloaded right click on zipped file and selct Extract. Right click on the new file and select Open with and then Internet Explorer (unless you are importing into your whiteboard software or dragging the file onto a Textease page)

You may also need the Flash player installed.

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Tutpup is an exciting and new safe way of playing games against children in the UK and across the world. It is free, has no ads, doesn’t require pupil’s personal data and allows them to play competitive maths games against their friends or students from around the world in a safe educational environment. For example, they could try a division game and find themselves instantly challenged by a pupil in India!

Children cannot:

Send messages to other players.

Use their own names. When a child registers to use Tutpup they choose a unique screen name, a combination of a colour, animal and number

All they can do is play games.

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Improving the Odds: Improving Life Chances

Improving the Odds: Improving Life Chances

Why is it that some schools are more successful that others in improving achievement in literacy and numeracy for those pupils who have barriers to their learning?

What is it that makes the difference for the lowest achieving 20% of pupils?

HM Inspectors visited a number of schools that were making a significant difference for lower-achieving groups of pupils, often in less advantaged communities. Inspectors wanted to find out what these schools had in common and what good practice could be found and shared. inspectors found common characteristics of effective practice in raising achievement for the lowest attaining 20% of pupils. These characteristics are described in this publication. The characteristics of effective practice which make a difference to young people’s lives by improving their literacy and numeracy skills are not new or innovative. They are characteristics they argue that should be present in every school, in every class, and in every lesson. You can read it online here or download it by clicking the link below.

Improving The Odds.pdf

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The Tudors


The Victoria and Albert Museum have produced a new web site about the Tudors. Pupils can test their skills with online games and see real documents and objects from Tudor times.

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New Literacy Web Site


The Scottish Borders local authority have recently completed a new Literacy website which may be of interest. It contains a collection of literacy activities categorised according to CfE levels.

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IWB lessons to support numeracy and literacy


Oxfordshire Education Authority have made available a whole package of interactive white board lessons to support numeracy and literacy on Smart Boards. The resources can be downloaded here.

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Maths and Numeracy Learning Clips


Learning Clips is a project to generate and make available online clips of digital media for insertion into primary maths lessons, ideally although not exclusively for presentation on an Interactive Whiteboard.

There is a simple online registration process. Once registered you have access to a whole range of online activities to support maths and numeracy.

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Ictopus (ICT online primary user support) is a free support service for primary education which was launched last year. Each week registered members of the service have access to a six page printable magazine (Sharing Good Practice) and a set of activity suggestions (lessons2go). There are also frequent news postings and a variety of other resources and projects. All the resources are available from the web archive and members can also opt to receive alerts offering a one-click download service for each item.

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Even More BBC Bitesize Games for Primary Pupils


The BBC has increased the range of their ‘Bitesize‘ activities for upper Primary to now include Primary 1-3 for both Numeracy and Literacy. The games cover a range of topics and look to be good fun. There are three levels to each activity (medium, hard or very hard) and can be used as starter activities, for independent work or during a plenary.

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