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This is the Web 2.0 in Education Wiki. This site is designed to provide teachers with a directory of free webtools along with some suggestions as to how they may be used in the classroom. On the wiki is listed 194 tools, that’s 194 opportunities for you to use ICT in your classroom and all for free! There are free web tools for creating online presentations, making a timeline, thinking tools, mind-mapping tools, music tools, survey tools and much more.

Each web tool has a brief review and a screenshot or working example of the tool. You will find a list of the tools on the left hand side of the main home page.


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Spelltube brings the weekly spelling list into the technological age. Although devised for English Primary schools this looks like an interesting and useful resource.

Spelltube is a fun spelling website that allows teachers to assign video-based spelling lists to their pupils. At present it is aimed at KS2 pupils but it is hoped to extend this at a later date.

Spelling videos have been created for each of the 3000+ words in the National Spelling Bank, from which teachers can generate and assign a word list to their Key Stage 2 pupils. Memorable characters help to reinforce spelling concepts in an enjoyable way that will appeal to various learning styles.

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Get Safe Online


Get Safe Online

The internet is great. People like to email, chat and have fun online. We also use it to buy and sell things, do our taxes or bank online. The problem is online criminals. To make money, they want to hijack your PC, rip you off and steal your identity. This web site gives advice and information about how you can protect yourself online.

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Connected magazine


The latest edition of Connected magazine is now online. Highlights from this issue includes a feature on Homecoming Scotland 2009, financial education, news from this year’s Scottish Learning Festival and a look at active learning.

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Math Playground


Math Playground is an action-packed site for primary and early secondary pupils. Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!

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Scotland’s History


Scotland’s History is an ambitious and unique multimedia project from BBC Scotland which aims to bring Scotland’s history to life. Spanning television, radio and the web, as well as a range of concerts and events throughout 2009, it will examine our nation’s past in ways that are new, different, refreshing and challenging.

Teachers and pupils can experience the major new 10-part series, ‘A History of Scotland’, co-produced with the Open University and presented by writer, archaeologist and broadcaster Neil Oliver. Part one is broadcast on BBC 1 Scotland on Sunday 9 November. In addition, BBC Scotland Learning has produced two new series for schools television – ‘See You See Me’ and ‘Around Scotland’ – both broadcast in November on BBC2 in the schools schedule.

On the web at www.bbc.co.uk/scotlandshistory there is a wealth of video clips from the series, archive TV clips, interactive maps, timelines and articles. These provide an extensive range of resources to support learning and teaching. Also to be found here is the ‘Lost Penny’, an innovative internet-based mystery game providing Scottish youngsters and families with a fun and engaging method of learning about their nation’s past.

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