Sumdog is a free website designed to improve numeracy skills. It contains maths games covering a range of topics aimed at 9 to 13 year olds. The games can be played against the clock or against other students across the world and will track progress on the Graffiti Wall. Well worth a go!

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CfE SQA Implmentation


Did you know the SQA have published a useful spreadsheet on their website? It outlines the implementation schedule for CfE Qualifications. You can download it here.

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Knowledge Of Language


With the expectation that all staff have a responsibility for literacy development, are you looking for some support for your own understanding of language? LTS have launched a new ‘Knowledge of Language’ site for this very purpose:

Curriculum for Excellence has made explicit the expectation that all staff have a responsibility to contribute to the literacy development of learners. However, not all education professionals are fully confident in their own understanding of how language works. The Knowledge of Language modules provide staff with a way of accessing further information about some of the common features of our language.

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LTS Working With You


LTS have published a newsletter entitled ‘Working with you’. This outlines Learning & Teaching Scotland’s recent contribution to Scottish education and highlights their current priorities.

There are three featured sections of the newsletter of particular interest:

  • The National Assessment Resource (NAR)
  • Building your Curriculum
  • Support for Staff

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Spelling Web Site

The Times and Microsoft have teamed up to form a website called Spelling  There is a section called Mini Bees that is suitable for primary aged children to use. There are a range of activities and games to play to help children improve their spelling. Why not let parents know about this resource or even link to it from your school website.

Thanks to Kent ICT Blog for link.

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World Maths Day

world math.tiff

World Maths Day is off and running! Can we unite to break the world record?

This year features an exciting new format with multi-levels for all age groups

Teachers, parents and media are invited to participate for the first time

With over 2 million students from 37,000 schools in 200 countries registered, surely we can beat last year’s world record of correctly answering 452,681,681 questions?

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