Curriculum for excellence through outdoor learning


Curriculum for Excellence through outdoor education

Guidance on Outdoor Learning for schools and nurseries was launched earlier this week by Learning Teaching Scotland.

In addition to a guidance document – the  Outdoor learning page on the LTS website has some excellent information and material including video clips of presentations and training sessions. I was particularly impressed by the Nature Nurture clip featuring some work done by Aberdeen City in conjunction with Camphill.

Amongst other uselful and well presented resources are a series of curriculum experiences and outcomes guides that highlight where outdoor learning might be particularly appropriate.

More generally the video of a speech by Keith Brown MSP, Minister for Skills and Lifelong Learning, suggests that Scotland might be waking up to the potenial its outdoor environment has to offer for improving health, well being and learning.



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Supporting Curriculum for Excellence – a video guide to online suppor


LTS have produced a new film to promote their growing Curriculum for Excellence support for staff:

Support for Staff Promotional film

Support in using the new experiences and outcomes, curriculum planning and assessment approaches is available online now. To find out more watch a short promotional film, produced by LTS to raise awareness amongst the education community of the wide range of support available to assist with implementation of Curriculum for Excellence. The film is split into three key sections:

  1. Support in using the experiences and outcomes promotes the resources available in the ‘Support for Staff’ web area.
  2. Supporting curriculum planning promotes the support available in the ‘Building your Curriculum section’.
  3. Supporting emerging approaches to assessment, promotes examples of how some schools have started to develop assessment practices.


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Curriculum for Excellence. Experiences and Outcomes

cfe2.tiff cfe1.tiff

LTS have updated their Curriculum for Excellence web site. They have published online the experiences and outcomes for CfE. The experiences and outcomes are an essential component of this new curriculum. They signpost progression in learning and set challenging standards that will prepare learners well for the complex future environment that they will inhabit.

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Curriculum for Excellence

Draft experiences and outcomes for literacy and English and literacy and Gàidhlig
The draft experiences and outcomes for literacy and English and literacy and Gàidhlig are now published on the Curriculum for Excellence website.

These documents have been designed to provide information for all staff in all education establishments on the context and scope of the draft outcomes; they also explain what schools and centres should do with the draft outcomes.

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