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HM Inspectorate of Education’s latest Briefing newsletter is now available online. This issue of HMIE Briefing focuses on the continuing implementation of Curriculum for Excellence. It includes a variety of articles that set out features of emerging practice across a range of different areas of educational practice.


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HMIE – Successful Learners in Primary Schools

Developing the four capacities through social subjects: focusing on successful learners in primary schools Report

Following on from the Improving Scottish Education (ISE) report, published in February 2006,

a sample of primary schools across Scottish education authorities was involved in a task to evaluate attainment in social subjects, physical education and modern European languages. Inspections took place between May 2006 and June 2007. A sample of schools was visited midway through the generational cycle of the general inspection programme. The sample classes included pupils at the early, middle and upper stages of each school. Schools benefited from constructive oral feedback and pointers for improvement during the one day inspection.

The evaluations of pupils’ attainment in social subjects, physical education and modern European languages were carried out in the context of primary school staff giving increased consideration to the principles of Curriculum for Excellence. By stimulating debate about attainment and learning and teaching, the visits and this report aim to challenge those involved in teaching social subjects in Scotland to review the extent to which current practice is successfully promoting the four capacities in young learners.

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Improving the Odds: Improving Life Chances

Improving the Odds: Improving Life Chances

Why is it that some schools are more successful that others in improving achievement in literacy and numeracy for those pupils who have barriers to their learning?

What is it that makes the difference for the lowest achieving 20% of pupils?

HM Inspectors visited a number of schools that were making a significant difference for lower-achieving groups of pupils, often in less advantaged communities. Inspectors wanted to find out what these schools had in common and what good practice could be found and shared. inspectors found common characteristics of effective practice in raising achievement for the lowest attaining 20% of pupils. These characteristics are described in this publication. The characteristics of effective practice which make a difference to young people’s lives by improving their literacy and numeracy skills are not new or innovative. They are characteristics they argue that should be present in every school, in every class, and in every lesson. You can read it online here or download it by clicking the link below.

Improving The Odds.pdf

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Geography – a portrait of current practice


Geography – a portrait of current practice in Scottish secondary schools is one of a developing series of publications by HMIE, designed to reflect current good practice in subjects and aspects of Scottish education and identify areas for further improvement. The portrait series is a new initiative by HMIE, flowing from the Improving Scottish Education report. It is intended to promote improvements in Scottish education through illustrating effective practice, raising current issues, and stimulating reflection and debate.

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