Scotland’s History Online


A new online portal has been launched to help pupils, teachers and the general public learn more about Scotland’s history.

Scotland’s History Online features more than 200 topics ranging from prehistoric times to the modern day.

The story of Scotland and its people is told through a wide range of interactive material alongside links to more than 1,000 other online resources.

The website was developed by Learning and Teaching Scotland.


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Connected Magazine


Learning Teaching Scotland’s Connected Magazine is now available online. This edition carries a series of articles on Literacy and Journey to Excellence

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Race Equality resource web site


Race Equality resource

How do you recognise a racist incident? What should you do if one of your pupils uses a racist term? How can you promote better race relations in your school?

The new Race Equality resource helps teachers answer these questions and tackle the problem of racism in schools. The website clarifies what racism means in Scottish society today and identifies a wide range of racist behaviour. By looking at the effect racism has on victims and the broader community, it explores the role that schools can play in discouraging racist behaviour and dealing with it appropriately when it happens.

A selection of anti-racist teaching materials have been developed to encourage children to understand the history of Scotland’s diverse society, the difficulties faced by immigrants today, the causes and devastating effects of racism, and the importance of racial tolerance.

The new site supports the Scottish Government’s One Scotland campaign to tackle racist attitudes in Scotland.

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