Sumdog is a free website designed to improve numeracy skills. It contains maths games covering a range of topics aimed at 9 to 13 year olds. The games can be played against the clock or against other students across the world and will track progress on the Graffiti Wall. Well worth a go!


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Spelling Web Site

The Times and Microsoft have teamed up to form a website called Spelling  There is a section called Mini Bees that is suitable for primary aged children to use. There are a range of activities and games to play to help children improve their spelling. Why not let parents know about this resource or even link to it from your school website.

Thanks to Kent ICT Blog for link.

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BBC Pinball


BBC Pinball is back and working: PINBALL is here to help you kick start new ideas, to get your thoughts flowing freely, and to develop your creative talents. Bounce your ideas around by using these fun and simple tools, and who knows what ideas might pop up.

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Xmas activities using Textease


The Kent ICT web site has devised a whole range of Xmas activities for primary schools using Textease.

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Scotland’s History Online


A new online portal has been launched to help pupils, teachers and the general public learn more about Scotland’s history.

Scotland’s History Online features more than 200 topics ranging from prehistoric times to the modern day.

The story of Scotland and its people is told through a wide range of interactive material alongside links to more than 1,000 other online resources.

The website was developed by Learning and Teaching Scotland.

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Egyptian tomb adventure


The National Museum of Scotland had developed a new interactive web site.   Find out more about being an archaeologist, but watch out for snakes and scorpions!

This is one of many activities on the education & activities section of the National Museums Scotland website.

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New BBC Primary History Site


The BBC has developed the way in which Primary History is supported with a new site

It covers 6 primary history topics – Ancient Greeks, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Children in Victorian Britain and Children of WW2 – and includes a photo and video library, an interactive timeline, quizzes, activities and games.

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Sing Up

200906120949.jpg Sing Up is the Music Manifesto’s National Singing Programme. It’s a programme to make sure that singing is at the heart of every primary school child’s life. We believe that singing has power to change lives and help to build stronger communities.

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Welcome to the web


Welcome to the Web“, created by Kent teacher Mark Warner, is an highly praised interactive set of on-line resources which teach children (an adults) about different aspects of the Internet. The latest update includes speech.

The resources are in split into seven sections:

  1. The Beginning – explains how to use the site.
  2. Getting Started Online – teaches children about the basic concepts involved in the Internet (World Wide Web, Hyperlinks, Back button etc). This introductory lesson also gives valuable practice in visiting and navigating around web sites.
  3. Staying Safe – encourages pupils to keep themselves safe online by following the SMART rules. Also tests their understanding usign interactive activities and fun quizzes.
  4. Using Your Browser – helps people to learn more about their web browsers… what are the different features and how are they used?
  5. Searching Online – teaches children how to search effectively, and keep themselves safe when doing so. Also identifies search engines which are particularly suitable for children to use.
  6. Trying Top Tricks – finding information on the net is great, but it is also important to know how that information can be used. This section explains about printing, using the Find tool to locate specific information within web pages, copying and pasting text, and saving images from the web. Also includes information about copyright and why it is important to credit others when you use their work.
  7. The Welcome to the Web Challenge – When the children have completed all of the sections of Welcome to the Web, they can complete this exciting challenge. It requires them to use all of the skills which they have learnt to catch the creator of a destructive computer virus!

When visitors complete the challenge, they are able to print a personalised certificate to show their competence in using the Internet.

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New Web Site


Lochaber High School and Dyslexia Lochaber have collaborated to create a new website which provides an audio revision service for pupils with dyslexia which we believe to be a first in Scotland. The podcasts are now proving to be useful for all pupils in the build up to the examinations.

The website makes full use of RSS feeds, podcast subscriptions alongside more traditional streaming or downloading of audio files, enabling pupils the freedom to choose their preferred method of access.

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